Advice on your HACCP system

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) system is an internationally recognized method of identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards which are significant for food safety. Namchem can provide cost effective solutions to the often complex and demanding matter of food safety.


Implement a food safety program

Analyzing hazards and where they can occur, systems and procedures can be implemented to minimize the risk of failure. In-house staff can manage critical control areas when appropriately trained, providing your business with a hands-on quality management channel ensuring health compliance.

A food safety program however does not stop with HACCP. To be effective, other control systems such as pest control, recall protocols, hygiene and sanitation need to be developed and implemented. Also, it is imperative to ensure that suppliers and distributors also comply through development of ingredient specifications and have vendor quality assurance systems in place.

Request a free hygiene inspection and ensure your business is health compliant.

Namchem solution

Namchem takes responsibility for the development of a site specific HACCP system, as well as implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Mr. JH Coetzee is trained in various fields of hygiene, health, codex alimentarius, grading of food and general management practices. He qualified himself as a Meat Hygienist, Environmental Health Officer and worked for the SABS as a HACCP facilitator/auditor at the Namibian Walvis Bay Export Harbour.